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Renewable Energies/Environment

Environment belongs to the major assets our world and has to be protect for generations. National governments are obliged to provide proper, relevant and accurate environmental data to motivate business and civil society for a sustainable and resource saving consumption of environment. BRIDGE is supporting decision-makers and service providers in introducing and running IT/telecommunication services for the environmental data collection, analysis and transmission in technical, organizational and economic terms.

BRIDGE supports SOLAR and BIOMASS projects from the conception and installation to operations through its broad expertise in technical, organizational and financial aspects. Special focus is put on WTE (waste to energy) projects with technologies from different European countries!  

 Projects where BRIDGE experts were involved are the conception and implementation of a integrated infomation center for collecting and analyzing environmental data in Middle East or the funding process of renewable energy projects in Europe, Africa and Asia.


BRIDGE experts developed a cloud-based Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) tool called "PROCLINE Einkaufsradar" for the German public utilities industry.

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