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Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are the basis to making our society and economy digital. Even telco operators and service providers are facing new challenges by e.g. new big market players like internet service provider but even by dynamic and creative small companies with new business models and innovative price and product developments which might scrutinise the market position of the traditional operators or help them to redefine their market performance. BRIDGE e.g. helps Telco operators to acquire mobile and fix telco licences worldwide. BRIDGE experts were involved in liccence acquisition in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland and Chech Republic. BRIDGE experts supported investors in the assessment of business opportunities in mobile and fix telecommunications in Bolivia, China, Senegal, Iran and Irak. They formulated price and product strategies, evaluated new product and service portfolio and business concepts of potential business partners, and assisted in building up basic infrastructure services, new technology implementation and network capacity adaptation like in Tanzania, Ghana, Namibia. Regulatory advise for like Nepal, Tanzania, Laos, Lithuania was provided by BRIDGE as well as support to new startups'  (e.g.MVNO, Internet provider, ICT service provider) by formulating and implementing new business models and strategies, calculating business plans for banks and investors. In particular companies offering internet based services (apps, portals) benefit from  BRIDGE's expertise in economic, legal, technical matters like in the Caribean islands, Netherlands, Germany.




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